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Professional Search Engine Optimization | Professional SEO Services
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Professional Search Engine Optimization

Get the right visitors and confirm the conversion

Why Do You Need SEO?

More Website Traffic

We implement best strategies for SEO practices, quality contents, and backlinks that maximize website traffic. The ultimate purpose of a website is conversion. And, it starts from the right website visitors.

Visible Results

Your website’s ranking on the first page of SERP (search engine results page) depends on proper SEO practices. We implement the appropriate practices. So, there is a greater chance of finding your website easily by the target audience.

Low Cost Client Acquisition

SEO is the cost-effective marketing approach over all other digital marketing tools. Other digital marketing approaches allow you limited time success or conversion (ongoing campaign). But, SEO facilitates your client acquisition through its long-time impact.


Branding starts with the continuous visibility to the target audience. SEO helps your audience to find your brand easily. So, your SEO effort plays a vital role in branding your products/services in the online arena.

SEO Process We Follow

SEO Process Img

Discovery & Research

At first, we understand the client’s Project Brief that includes their business purpose and requirement. Then we learn about their business nature, website, competitors and the industry. We perform SEO Audit to discover the existing SEO status of the websites along with on-page and off-page SEO factors- that is very important for crafting SEO Strategy. Based on the business goal, we conduct a Keyword Research to find the right keywords for ranking the website in search engines.

SEO Process Img

Strategy Setting

Based on the Discovery & Research, we formulate the SEO Strategy. The strategy covers on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content and performance measurement. Under On-Page SEO Strategy, we make an actionable plan for updating website coding and technical settings. Off-Page SEO Strategy includes the backlinks, PR, social media integrated campaigns, and so on. We schedule and plan for content creation, campaign content, PR content, social media content, and so on. Finally, we craft the Measurement Strategy for evaluating the short-term and long-term goals.

SEO Process Img

On-Page Optimization

In this implementation stage, we adjust website text based on targeted keywords juiced from the keywords research and strategy. We also edit the website coding and update meta data, permalinks, canonical tag, internal links, image alt tag, and so forth. Not only that, we also fix others technical issues like page not found errors, robot.txt, webmaster settings, and so on. The whole process of this stage focus on-page optimization.

SEO Process Img

Content Marketing

Based on content strategy, we create quality contents regularly. And, we circulate those to the web in the mean of Press Releases, news, and to the industry channels. We manage the Influencer Outreach- contact them to include our clients’ site links to their websites. Our eye-catching and attracting contents compel the audience to share and discuss it on social networks. We know the best, how to spread links effectively to the target audience.

SEO Process Img

Analysis & Reporting

We analyze the SEO performance and adjust the SEO strategies. We provide reports- quarterly and yearly. Both reports include the impact of each strategy, the volume of traffic, sources of traffic, conversion rate, page engagement, search query, top performing pages, keywords ranking, link metrics, competitive benchmarks, and etc. So that you can make data-driven scientific business decisions.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization?