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Local SEO Services

Appear more in the local search. Be the local HERO with local SEO.

Benefits of Local SEO

Benefits of Local SEO Img

Geo-Targeted Ranking

Geo-targeted ranking for the local business is very important. Every search engine algorithm focuses on geo-targeted ranking for providing the local search result. For example- if a citizen of San Diego searches “plumber” on google, the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will show the top local plumbers from San Diego, but not from Laredo.

Benefits of Local SEO Img

Local Searches

You may see the Local Pack or Three (3) Pack in the Search Engine Result Page- which is shown in the top of the page. And, most of the audience visit different websites from the three pack. This powerful result is juiced from the Local SEO.

Benefits of Local SEO Img

Mobile Device Traffic

Search engines provide results of a search request from any mobile device based on respective device location. This mobile device traffic is the result of local SEO. Again, more than 50% smartphone users buy products on the same day they have searched.

Benefits of Local SEO Img

More Targeted Traffic

Local SEO is based on specific business location. So, the Local SEO facilitates you more targeted traffic to your website. And, the right traffic converts. Earn more.

Benefits of Local SEO Img

Increased Revenue

As Local SEO drive targeted traffic to your website, your sales rate will increase. Your revenue volume will be boosted. So, invest now in Local SEO.

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Local SEO Services

We provide the best Local SEO services


Defttech Local SEO Services Google My Business Page

Google My Business Page

Create, optimize and verification support

Defttech Local SEO Services Citations


Yelp, Yellow Page, and other popular directories convey your business information

Defttech Local SEO Services Google Map

Google Map

Helps your audience to find your business location

Defttech Local SEO Services Google Review

Google Reviews

Helps your audience to take the buying decision

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