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Best Email Marketing Services

The best practices to increase your CONVERSION rate. This is assured.

Email Marketing Process

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Goal & Research

According to your business goal, we conduct audience research and data collection. In this stage, we find out the actual audience whom to reach, how we will collect their information, their attitude, culture, and expectations.

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Strategy Setting

To catch your recipients’ attention this stage is very important. Based on research, we craft an email campaign strategy that includes email list building, engaging content, design, email broadcast pattern, sending technology, measurement, and actions.

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Email Design

We design engaging email template. The proper use of images, texts, and CTA that drive the design to a result. The email design works as a traffic trigger for your website.

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Based on the response of your audience, we optimize the email campaign. We convey them the message which resonates with their specific needs. We craft the relevant message according to their past activity, user segmentation, and analytics.

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Analysis & Reporting

We measure the campaign performance by maintaining the proper analysis report. The report includes the number of subscriber sign up, the email open rate, click-through rate, and more. This will assist you to take the appropriate marketing decision.

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Email Marketing Tips

Defttech How Do We Work
  1. Hygienic Email List building without any spammy subscriber
  2. Use the natural & catchy subject line but not spammy words
  3. Write highly engaging content
  4. Awesome design to interact with the audience
  5. Use of compelling CTA statement
  6. Automated email to respond the campaign audience
  7. Subscriber Segmentation based on their email open and clicking behavior
  8. Social Media Integration with the email campaign.
  9. A/B Testing to find the effective content
  10. Data-driven email campaign Analysis & Reporting