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Today We are going to talk about UI and UX Designer. In our daily life design terms, we heard in many professions. Like Graphics Design, textile design, interior design, fashion design, ceramic design, print design, and more. in one or two decades Tech Companies are booming and they are focused on creating interfaces for screens, many new design roles have emerged. Job titles like UX Developer or UI designer have emerged as the future front of design roles. But UI Designer and UX designer’s roles are not the same we sometimes think they are doing the same.

  • User Interface (UI) — A specialization of web design that deals with the controls people use to interact with a website or app, including button displays and gesture controls.
  • User Experience (UX) — Another specialization of web design, this one dealing with user behavior and feeling when using the site or app. UX design encapsulates many other areas but views them from the perspective of the user.

Here are some basic principles you should know as UI Designer:

  1. Color: Color vocabulary, fundamentals, and the psychology of colors.Principles of design: Color
  2. Balance: Symmetry and asymmetry.
  3. Contrast: Using contrast to organize information, build hierarchy and create focus.
  4. Typography: Choosing fonts and creating readable text on the web.
  5. Consistency: The most important principle, creating intuitive and usable designs starts here.

Here are also some basic principles you should know as UX Designer:

  1. Discover: This is the start of the project. Designers start researching, getting inspired, and gathering ideas.
  2. Define: This is the definition stage, where designers define an idea extracted from the Discover phase. From this, a clear creative brief is created.
  3. Develop: This is where solutions or concepts are created, prototyped, tested, and iterated. This process of trial and error helps designers to improve and refine their ideas.
  4. Delivery: The final phase is the delivery stage, where the final project is finalized, produced, and launched.

There are tons of design tools out there, As a UI UX Designer, you don’t need to know all of them. Get to know the best ones out there, choose your favorites and stay updated with the newest features and trends.

  • Sketch for interface design
  • Figma for collaborative interface design
  • Balsamiq for low fidelity wireframing
  • Adobe XD, Photoshop for interface design and prototyping
  • Marvel App for making mockups interactive
  • Invision App for prototyping and collaboration


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