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Today in this Blog I am going to talk about Color Use in Design. People who work in design online or in private organizations often worry about the color, how to use a color that would make your design more professional or more beautiful to look at. Although it is the color that mixes the sweetness of one’s mind that makes the design beautiful. But if you do not have a good knowledge of color, then you will never be able to enhance your design. For this reason, we must have a fairly good knowledge of color. 

It is often seen that you have designed everything as per your mind but when you presented the design to your client or customer, he did not like it. Or there are many times when you and your client have chosen the design but no user likes this design. So 80% -90% of the problems related to bad color selections, it is essential that you have good knowledge about color.

Classification of Color

We can first divide all the colors into several parts: –

1. Primary Color

2. Secondary Color

3. Tertiary Color

These colors have an effect. Which affects the color and creates thousands of colors. That influencer is LIGHT.

Another thing to know is that there is no color called black or white. (Although it may be surprising to hear. Science students will understand that matter better)

Where there is an excess of light is the origin of the white color. And where there is no light, there is darkness or black BLACK COLOR

 To understand the matter a little more, take a look at the image below. We know that many colors exist in sunlight and the afternoon sun creates a reddish tinge or red atmosphere. The image is of that moment but notice that when you look at the sun, you can see that part of the sun is “white”. And this is the origin of white color. That is, where there is an excess of light, there is white.

You can also use your torchlight to illuminate any place or color so that the place where your light falls is white. Although the lights are red or any other color on or above the floor. And where there is no light, there is darkness or black. I hope the proof of this does not need to be explained. Why don’t we see at night? Because there is no light at night.

Based on light, the color can be further divided into three parts: –

4. Tints Color

5. Tones Color

6. Shades Color

Details About Primary Color

Allah Ta’ala has decorated this world with only three colors. Wondering what to think? Surprisingly, it is true that there are only three primary colors in this world.


2. Yellow

3. Blue

Yes !! These three colors are the basic colors of all the colors in the world. Besides, all the other colors that we see come from these three colors.

Details About Secondary Color

Secondary Color is a combination of the above three basic colors to produce three more colors. That is Secondary Color. Note the image to better understand: –

If you look at the image, you will see that between the three basic colors, that is, the combination of the three basic colors, three more colors have been created between them:

1. Orange (Red 50% + Yellow 50% = Orange)

2. Green (Yellow 50% + Blue 50% = Green)

3. Purple (Blue 50% + Red 50% = Purple )

That is, the three colors that are produced by adding equally to the basic color is the Secondary Color.

Details About Tertiary Color

Let’s come to Tertiary Color. So far we have identified six colors. Now if we look at these six color circles and mix these six colors again in the same way as before, then we get six more colors. These six colors are Tertiary Color. To better understand, note the image below: –

Notice that out of the six colors, six more colors have been generated. And that is: –

1. Vermilion (Red 50% + Orange 50% = Vermilion)

2. Amber (Orange 50% + Yellow 50% = Amber)

3. Chartreuse (Yellow 50% + Green 50% = Chartreuse)

4. Teal or Cyan (Green 50% + Blue 50% = Teal or Cyan)

5. Violet (Blue 50% + Purple 50% = Violet)

6.Magenta (Purple 50% + Red 50% = Magenta)

So in this way 6 more colors are produced in the mixture of Secondary and Primary colors. That is Tertiary Color

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