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Cool website design planning – how to make a website

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Cool website design planning – how to make a website

“Millions of websites in the world fail to get its fruit, don’t win its purpose. The owners of them spending their valuable money but away from their desires. The only reason is that the lack of proper website planning.”

How to make a website? How will I get the best output from my website? This is common questions. There is an important question but literally less asked. That is how to make a plan for a website. If you want to get the best result from your website, make a plan for it now. A guideline for a proper plan for a website is given step by step below-

Goal Setting
Audience target
Competitive site analysis
Website functionality
Domain & hosting
Identity & harmonization
Traffic management

Goal Setting must be clear and specific. A vague aim never brings the success of your website. Ask yourself some questions, then you will find your specific goals for your site. Some questions like-

1. What is the purpose of my website?
2. Why is it needed?
3.What will be the KPIs?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are essential to measure your website performances. Suppose you want to know how many visitors are visiting your site per day, the growth of visitors, subscription rate, conversion rate, and so on. These KPIs are selected on basis of website purpose.

Audience target is the second important factor for website plan. Who are the audiences for your website, their age, gender, location, buying capacity, likes, dislikes, interests, questions, problems and how they like to solve their problems. Remember one thing, your website is the preferences of your audiences, not your sweet will.

We don’t suggest to copy any sites, that is very bad practice. We suggest Competitive site analysis only for finding the trends. List down the websites you wish to win among them. Observe its features and functionality. Sense its design, looks, and feel. List everything which you think better. Now craft your own one based on your purpose.

Website features and functionality depends on the answer to the question- “how you want to engage your audience with your website”. Shopping cart, Newsletter, inquiry form, suggestion toolbox, and etc. are the examples. To formulate the plan for the stage you must consider the previous all steps.

A domain is the unique address (URL) of your website and hosting is the place/storage where your website is stored. Domain name selection is a little bit complex process. Because you have to consider your business/product model and brands along with the domain name availability. A short domain name is better for branding. Six to ten character is ideal. For hosting, there are different types of hosting- shared, dedicated and more. For initial stage, you can use shared hosting. This is cheap. But if you think big, I suggest dedicated hosting.

Identity ensures you to stand out from the crowd. A simple and smart logo with an easily memorable tagline differentiates your brand in the heart of your audiences. Logo and tagline should be crafted on the basis of earlier steps- goal setting and audiences target. You have to use same theme color for every stage of your website- logo, website theme, marketing or traffic generator pages, and etc. Experienced designers suggest that we should use two or three colors as the theme or brand color. Not more than that. Use of multicolor will puzzle your visitors. So, be simple and harmonize.

Content is the king. This is a common phrase. But this is absolutely essential for your website. Right and engaging contents will attract your actual audiences. A content plan starts with the formulation of a sitemap. A site map is a content tree of your website. Based on it each and every content is crafted- copy writes, graphics, photos, images, videos and everything.

The design step is related to the front view of your website, means- “what your website visitors will see”. This is very important and sensitive step. The success of your website purpose depends on visitor’s experience about your site. For this, the User Experience (UX) is very important. UX depicts the where the buttons, images, videos, CTAs, and etc. will be placed. It confirms the comfortability of the visitors. And based on the UX a User Interface (UI) is designed by an expert designer.

You can develop your site by using CMS (Content Management System) like- WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so forth. Not only that there are a lot of free website builders on the web. They provide drag and drop simplicity to design a website. But there are some limitations still now. Moreover, you can develop your site by a decent coder from the scratch. For the beginner, CMS is ideal. But if you think big, you should develop your site from the scratch.

The ultimate motto of your site is Traffic maximization. Because-

More traffic, more leads.
More lead, more sales.
More sales, more revenues.

Website search visibility also depends on the stage. You can increase your site traffic by SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), email marketing, and so on. When you manage your content you must consider the step. You should take suggestions from an expert.

You are almost at end of your plan. The last step is Budgeting. Already you have the clear view of what’s you are going to do. Now, this is the time to break down all of the tasks and process, then calculate the costs. This step needs a high range of research and time-consuming. So, I suggest to search consultancy of an expert.

A plan for a website is a research work. It takes a lot of time and resources. It’s a project work. If you have available time and resource you must prepare it for your own. And if you think you need valuable suggestions from the professionals, go to them, get an appropriate and complete consultancy.

Already you get an idea about how to make a website plan.

Have a nice website plan and fill your purpose. Happy engaging!

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